Thank you for considering me to be a part of your journey. I offer a variety of à la carte services as well as complete packages to help your product stand out and thrive.

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logo design

Logo Design

A good logo design effectively communicates your brand identity, fosters trust, and enhances recognition, ultimately helping you stand out in the market and connect with your audience.

“In essence, it is not what it looks like but what it does that defines a symbol.”

— Paul Rand, Thoughts on Design

Prices Starting at: $800

    Consultation:: Discussion with the client to understand their brand, target audience, values, and vision for the logo.
    Concept Development: Generating multiple logo concepts based on the client's brief and research findings.
    Typography: Selecting or customizing fonts that complement the logo's design and convey the desired message.
    Logo Variations:: Creating variations of the logo for different applications (e.g., color, black and white, horizontal, vertical).
    Color Selection: Choosing appropriate colors that reflect the brand's personality, values, and target audience.
    Presentation: Presenting the finalized logo designs to the client for approval.
    Revisions: Incorporating client feedback and making necessary revisions to the chosen logo design.
    Final Delivery: Delivering the finalized logo files to the client for use in their branding materials.

digital media

Photo Editing & Retouching

Photo editing and retouching service is tailored to enhance the quality and visual appeal of your photographs by adjusting colors, lighting, and removing imperfections.

Ensuring each image achieves its full potential with a professional finish.

Prices Starting at: $120

    Color Correction: Adjusting the colors, brightness, contrast, and saturation of photographs to achieve a more balanced and appealing look.
    Object Removal: Removing unwanted objects, blemishes, or distractions from photographs to enhance their appearance and clarity.
    Skin Retouching: Smoothing skin tones, removing imperfections, and reducing wrinkles or blemishes in portrait photographs to achieve a more polished and flattering look.
    Special Effects: Adding creative effects such as filters, textures, overlays, or stylized effects to photographs to achieve artistic or dramatic visual effects.
    Composite Editing: Combining multiple photographs or elements to create composite images, collages, or montages for various creative or illustrative purposes.

print & packaging

Print & Packaging

Print continues to be a powerful format representing how customers perceive a brands integrity.

Print materials such as business cards, brochures, menus, and flyers provide customers with a tangible representation of your brand.

Prices Starting at: $120

    Business Cards
    Outdoor & Indoor Banners
    Promotional Material
    Mockups & Prototyping
    Label & Tag Design
    Brochures & Mailers
    Book Covers


A glimpse of services offered:

  1. Web Design: These services cover the creation and optimization of visually appealing, user-friendly websites that reflect your brand identity and drive engagement.
  2. Graphic Design: The graphic design services include everything from logo creation and branding collateral to web design and social media graphics.
  3. Print: Print materials play a crucial role in your business's branding efforts, offering tangible touchpoints that leave a lasting impression on customers. From business cards to brochures, they reinforce brand identity and credibility, fostering trust and recognition in your target audience.
  4. Visual Branding: The Visual Branding service helps businesses establish a strong, cohesive identity through expertly crafted logos, color schemes, and design elements.
  5. Start-up Assistance: Often, people with great ideas struggle to breathe life into them. Whether due to a lack of practice or a crippling fear of 'What now?', many people with great ideas struggle to turn them into reality. And if we do get a breakthrough moment we are often met with overwhelming information, choices, and dead ends.

  6. The 'Start-up Assistance' service gives you a creative expert on your side to educate, encourage, and guide you through the clutter.

How I Price My Services

Photography Services

Photography services range from $200 to $800, depending on the duration of the shoot and the number of locations. In addition to family, couples, and high school senior packages, services can be customized to meet the needs of your project.

See Portfolio or Photo Services page for pricing details.

Design Services

Instead of relying solely on traditional pricing models such as hourly rates or fixed project fees, I use value-based pricing as a preferred approach.

Value-based pricing is centered around the idea that the price of my services should be closely aligned with the value they bring to your organization. Here's why I believe this approach is beneficial for both parties involved:

Focus on Results:

By basing my pricing on the value delivered rather than the time spent or the number of tasks completed, my focus remains squarely on the results I can achieve for you.

Customized Solutions:

Value-based pricing allows me to tailor my services to your specific needs and goals. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all packages, I can develop a custom solution that addresses your unique challenges and leverages my expertise to drive meaningful results for your business.

Risk Sharing:

Value-based pricing encourages risk-sharing between me and my clients. Since the price is tied to the value delivered, I take on a share of the project's risk and are incentivized to innovate, iterate, and continuously improve until I achieve the desired outcomes.

Finalizing the job and handing over the keys

I strive to provide realistic and transparent estimates for project timelines. While every project is unique, here are some general guidelines to help you understand typical turnaround times:

Interview Process:

During our initial interview process, we'll discuss your project timeline and requirements in detail. Understanding your timeframe is essential for me to provide an accurate estimate of when your project can be completed. Whether you have a flexible timeline or require a rush turnaround, I'll work with you to accommodate your needs.

Project Complexity:

The complexity of your project also plays a significant role in determining turnaround time. For example, designing a logo typically takes about a week to complete, but this timeframe may vary depending on factors such as communication with the client and the number of revisions required. Similarly, the size and complexity of a website, whether it's a single-page site or a multi-page platform, will impact turnaround time.

Rush Orders:

In cases where a rush turnaround is needed, I offer expedited services for an additional fee. Rush orders require me to prioritize your project and allocate additional resources to ensure prompt delivery without compromising quality.

Transparent Communication:

Throughout the project, I maintain open and transparent communication with you to keep you informed of my progress and any potential delays. Your input and feedback are invaluable to me, and I strive to address any concerns promptly to keep the project on track.

Dedicated to ensuring that your project meets your expectations and reflects your vision.

My aim has alway been to ensure customer satisfaction with their finished products by implementing these various policies and practices…

Client Consultation and Collaboration:

Thoroughly understanding your needs, objectives, and vision for the project is vital. Regular communication and collaboration throughout the design process help ensure that your expectations are met.

Client Feedback and Revisions:

Clear client feedback throughout the design process is essential, as well as allowing for a certain number of revisions or iterations based on your input.

Transparency and Accountability:

I strive to maintain transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle. This includes providing regular progress updates, sharing design mockups or prototypes for your review, and addressing any concerns or issues promptly and transparently.

Continued Support and Relationship Building:

Establishing long-term relationships with you and providing ongoing support beyond the completion of the project can foster a mutual satisfaction and loyalty. This may involve offering maintenance services, providing additional design assets or resources, or exploring opportunities for future collaborations.

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